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Ensuring All Aspects Of Construction Site Safety!

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Committed to Excellence

Harrison Reid Safety Consultants, Inc, is an MWBE certified consulting firm specializing

in all l aspects of Construction Safety and Health. Our certified and dedicated DOB Site

Safety Managers, Coordinators and Superintendents, FDNY Fire Safety Managers,

OSHA Construction Outreach Trainers and Industrial Hygiene partners bring more than

45 years of experience in all aspects of the construction industry. We currently hold

MWBE approval for The Port Authority of NY & NJ and MBE City of New York.

Experience has taught us that consistent, open communication with clients and their

project managers serves to minimize (if not eliminate) surprises that may occur

throughout their project life cycle. We identify, anticipate, evaluate and control

workplace exposure that could cause employee or visitor injury or illness.


For each client, we create a unique scope of work which includes, but is not limited to:

- Develop and implement control methods, procedures and programs to eliminate or reduce unsafe conditions at job sites. 


- Conduct compliance audits and risk assessments, and develop and implement policies and procedures to address findings and fill in compliance gaps.  


- Provide comprehensive and concise training to ensure compliance with applicable OSHA requirements and other safety regulations. 


- Investigate prior incidents for systemic trends and develop corrective action plans to prevent and reduce incident occurrences.


- Assess current programs to identify new performance goals, strategies, and metrics. 


- Work closely with project managers, construction contractors, building occupants, administrators, and other client staff to implement  effective and cost effective construction safety programs.


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NYC DOB Chapter 33 Compliance

Our knowledgeable Licensed Site Safety Managers, Coordinators and Superintendents will adhere to the NYC DOB Chapter 33 safeguards, while our FDNY Fire Safety Managers & OSHA Construction Outreach Trainers ensure that your project is safe and compliant. Creating a hazard-free workspace, which allows for timely and profitable project outcomes, is our goal.

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Expert Guidance

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to ensure your project adheres to NYC DOB regulations, FDNY safety guidelines & OSHA mandates. At Harrison Reid Safety Consultants, Inc. we combine our insights and skills to spot and mitigate construction site safety risk. We’re proud to ensure the safety of those building the landscape of the future.

In addition, our ongoing partnership with a well-established industrial hygiene consulting firm in the NYC area allows us to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions to the range of health and safety challenges that often arise on construction projects.  And, while we don’t directly provide environmental solutions, our IH partner has an extensive network of environmental providers to help you get the answers that you need.


These services include but are not limited to:

  • Silica, asbestos, PCB, lead, hexavalent chromium, confined spaces, HAZWOPER, hearing protection and other related training

  • Worker exposure assessments for all of the contaminants listed above

  • Community Air Monitoring Programs (CAMP’s) – for dust and organic vapor monitoring

  • COVID-19 policies and procedures


Contact us to learn the full range of our capabilities.


"Prevention is better than cure" ~ Desiderius Erasmus

We examine our client's Site Safety Plans and take corrective measures to ensure the SSP meets NYC DOB standards & OSHA Trainer. When there is no SSP in place, we work with our clients to establish one.

We can also review your corporate health and safety plan, which is the driving force behind your field safety program and safety performance.  Having a unified approach that supports all of your field projects is the key to managing your safety efforts, maintaining an attractive Experience Modification Rating (EMR) for insurance purposes and allowing your firm to submit competitive bids.

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